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Q: Who is on the Reunion Committee and in what capacity? 
A:  Julie Bonavita - Communications and Website
Peggy (Farnsworth) James - General Committee Member
Jason Mendelsohn - Fundraising
Megan (Hunt) O'Malley - General Committee Member
Gretchen (Hays) Padula - Event Planning
Michelle (Balko) Petty - Vice Chair 
Brandi (Dillahunty) Stuckrath - Fundraising/Vendors
Gregory Thomas - Chair 
Q: How do I contact the committee? 
Q: Will there be an event on Friday or family event? 
A: Yes! Please check the Events page for details on Friday night and Saturday family events. The Ritz Event Saturday night will be the main highlight of the weekend. 
Q: Will the committee profit from ticket sales? 
A: No, if there is surplus at the end of the event we will give the money to charity or purchase something for CDO.  
Q: Is there an event planning company? 
A: No, as a committee we decided we could take on the added work in order for your money to go directly towards the event. 
Q: What does my ticket pay for? 
A: Your ticket pays for an evening out. This includes 5- star dinner (coffee and iced tea included), live DJ, photo booth, slide show, name tags, lighting, sound, and decorations. The only part of your ticket that does not go directly towards the event is a 5.9% fee taken out for the credit card transaction fee. 
Q: Will there be any extra expense at the Ritz event? 
A: There will be a cash bar for soda and alcohol. Also, if you wish to stay at the Ritz during the weekend, we have secured a low rate of only $99/night (Normal cost is $239/night).